Hearthstone One Night In Karazhan: all the new cards

One Night In Karazhan Card List

One Night In Karazhan is the next Hearthstone adventure, and that means new cards to play with, call bad and then discover are actually massively overpowered. There’ll be 45 in all and we’re collecting every last one of them below.

Before Karazhan releases, here are the best decks in Hearthstone. How will this change?

Latest additions:All the Karazhan cards, every single one.

The adventure itself is based in the tower of Karazhan during a party. Naturally, when you arrive, everything’s already going wrong. You’ll get to find out exactly what when the wings start coming out in two weeks on August 12, including a free prologue wing for all players that gives a pair of cards. Here’s what we know about them:

  • The prologue mission, free to all, will explain what happened to Medivh before the adventure begins and why he has gone missing. I’ll place all of my dust on “drunken mishap.” You’ll fight Prince Malchezaar in there.
  • The first main wing will be the Parlor, where you’ll face off against a Silverware Golem, a Magic Mirror that’s begun insulting everyone and the legendary Karazhan chess board, one of WoW’s best-ever encounters.
  • Second comes the opera wing, where showmaster Barnes wants you to run plays for him. These are Romeo & Juliet, Wizard of Oz and Little Red Riding Hood, featuring the titular pair, the crone and the Big Bad Wolf as bosses respectively.
  • Then comes the menagerie, where Medivh’s Curator has decided instead of keeping all of the wizard’s various monsters in cages, he’ll let them fly free. Encounters include the Curator himself, Nightbane and Illhoof.
  • Finally are Medivh’s private quarters, featuring Netherspite and the Shade of Aran. We’d expect at some point here there’s also a showdown with the man himself.

45 new cards from 13 wing encounters will be the final tally. You’ll also get this card back if you purchase during the first week of release:

Karazhan card back

Now, onto those cards. We’ve split them by class for clarity, then cost. There’s likely to be about four per class, then nine neutrals.


Karazhan Pompous ThespianKarazhan Netherspite HistorianKarazhan MoroesZoobotKarazhan BarnesKarazhan Prince MalchezaarKarazhan Book WyrmKarazhan The Curator

Medivh’s equip:


Karazhan Ivory Knight


Karazhan Enchanted RavenKarazhan Moonglade Portal


Karazhan Babbling BookKarazhan Firelands Portal




Karazhan Ethereal Peddler


Karazhan Kindly Grandmother

Kindly Grandmother token:

Karazhan Big Bad Wolf


Karazhan Protect the KingKarazhan Fool's Bane


Karazhan Malchezaar's ImpKarazhan Kara Kazham

That’s all we have so far – check back each day as Blizzard reveal more cards!

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