Hearts of Iron IV, Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India, and Runemaster announced

Runemaster Paradox Interactive

There’s been a breakout in Miami. No, Justin Bieber is still being held for drink driving, it’s a news breakout. Three games have broken their silence and announced themselves to the world at Paradox Interactive’s 2014 convention.

There’s an expansion for Crusader Kings II that takes the game to India, with Rajas of India, a new entry in the Hearts of Iron series, and an entirely new game called Runemaster

Raja’s of India adds a huge tract of land for the game map, increasing the overall size of Crusader Kings II by 50%. On top of that, there will be three new religions, too:

Finally your wish to sail Vikings up the Ganges can be complete.

It’s been a long time coming but Paradox have finally announced Hearts of Iron IV:

There are sparse details on what the sequel will bring to the series but, apparently, it will make things more forgiving for new players:

And now for something completely different.

Paradox have announced they’re working on their first RPG. Runemaster is being developed by the folk who worked on Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings II so a fine pedigree of designers. The whole thing’s being overseen by Johan Andersson and it’s looking luscious:

Andersson said “Creating an RPG is something new for Paradox Development Studio, and it’s been a dream project we’ve wanted to undertake for a long time”. Below are the only details we know about the game:

We’ll tell you more when our men on the ground have had interviews with the developers.