Hearts of Iron 4’s grand campaign is live, using a custom mod developed in six days

The grand campaign continues, and now its heading into WW2

A couple of weeks ago we reported on how Paradox is running a ‘grand’ campaign in the run-up to PDXCon Remixed later this month. Starting with Crusader Kings III and going all the way through to Stellaris, the aim is to play one long continous grand strategy playthrough, with the world state carrying over from game to game.

The Hearts of Iron IV leg of that journey is now live, and you can go watch it on Paradox’s Twitch channel if you’re interested in how this version of WW2 plays out. There’s a lot of wacky changes to this version of 1936, with the developers in charge of the stream playing an alternative England that’s formed a ‘dual republic’ with the Netherlands.

Rather than using the save game converter tool that exists to carry save states between games, the Hearts of Iron IV leg is being powered by a mod thrown together by the community in just six days. That mod is available on the Steam Workshop if you want to try it out for yourself.

Given how quickly it was put together, there are plenty of half-finished elements and quirks, and possibly some bugs that will need to be ironed out. Hopefully things won’t be as bad as they were during the EU4 portion last week, which suffered a lot due to the initial issues with the 1.31 update.

As with all parts of the grand campaign, the controllers on today’s stream are being given direction from a ‘council’ of community members that have been issuing goals and orders across various topics, such as who to ally with, or who to go to war against.

The final leg will be played in Stellaris and will run on May 15 and 16. Streams will take place between 12pm CEST / 3am PDT / 11am BST and 10pm CEST / 1pm PDT / 9pm BST on both days.

PDXCon Remixed will be held from May 21 – 23, and we’re expecting to hear some new announcements, such as the next Crusader Kings III expansion, and even Victoria 3 (probably not).