Hearts Of Iron IV’s first big patch improves the AI

Hearts of Iron 4

In a bid to capture your hearts, Paradox are ironing out the bugs and updating Hearts of Iron 4 to deliver an even more satisfying strategy. The first major patch since launch has just been released for the grand strategy game, and its main focus is on AI improvements.

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As for general fixes, “several memory leaks” have been plugged, Ironman saves have been fixed so a failed save won’t overwrite your game, and there’s been a bunch of other fixes and optimisations, all of which you can read at the full patch notes.

If you don’t fancy picking through that massive list of all the changes and tweaks, Paradox have picked out some highlights, listed below:

  • Command Group Postures: Your armies can now carry out orders Carefully, Balanced, or in a Rush.
  • New Template Design: An empty template for new division designs is now available in the edit division drop-down tab.
  • AI Production Priorities: Computer controlled opponents will have a greater emphasis on infantry and fighter production.
  • Making Friends: Computer controlled opponents will be more likely to grant military access to countries fighting a common enemy.
  • Boys From Brazil: Germany less likely to spam South America with justifications for war
  • Bug Fixes: Tweaks to warscore calculation, the peace process and King George V only dies once, now.

Just for fun, Paradox also invitedLieutenant-Colonel Conny Hansen of the Swedish Armed Forces – a man who helped plan the operations of 150,000 troops in Afghanistan – to have a crack at the game, the results of which are in the video embedded below: