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Free games: Win a Steam key to unlock pilots and cars in Heavy Metal Machines!

Win new pilots, models, and sprays for your brutal rides in Hoplon Entertainment's car battle MOBA

Heavy Metal Machines

Someone at Hoplon Entertainment really loves Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s easy to spot that in practically every detail of the development studio’s recently released car battle MOBA Heavy Metal Machines. Have a look at the pilots and you can see a wasteland slayer who wears metal breathing apparatus over his face – obviously mirroring Mad Max’s Immortan Joe.

But the ones we want to focus on today are called Wildfire and Artificer. Why? We have 100 Steam codes up for grabs that unlock both of these exciting female pilots in Heavy Metal Machines. And not just that, if you win one of the codes, you’l also unlock a vehicle for both of those pilots – Wildfire’s Cost Nostra and Artificer’s Journey to Rapture – and a spray to go along with that, too. Not bad, eh?

Wildfire drives a flaming hot rod and her weapons are all about setting opponents on fire and – if possible – melting vehicle parts. Artificer, on the other hand, is a brilliant scientist and so uses her knowledge to support her allies by repairing vehicles and generating electricity to damage opponents.

If you want to win one of these codes then the first thing you should do is download Heavy Metal Machines on Steam – if you win a code you’ll need the base game to be able to redeem it.

Secondly, you should probably know how Heavy Metal Machines plays. The trailer below should help with that, but to explain it a little more: two teams face off as they try to transport a bomb ball to their opponent’s base in order to blow it up.

Each pilot has unique weapons and skills and so the team members must coordinate as they launch attacks and defend the best they can.

How to enter

Now you, know, let’s get you entered into the giveaway – you can do so via the widget below. Every action you complete is worth one entry into the giveaway, with the more actions you complete increasing your chances of winning.

We’ll also need your email address so we can send you a code upon winning – we won’t send you spam, we promise. Please read our terms and conditions before you enter.

Heavy Metal Machines giveaway

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