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Now is the ideal time to try Hell Let Loose, one of the best WW2 games

A combination of Battlefield, Company of Heroes, and classic Call of Duty, superb WW2 FPS Hell Let Loose is temporarily playable for free.

Hell Let Loose Steam free weekend: A soldier in uniform from WW2 FPS game Hell Let Loose

You want something that’s fun, gratifying, and simple to play, but also has tension, strategy, and stakes. It’s quickly dispiriting, if every time you spawn you’re instantly shot down by a sniper. At the same time, running, gunning, and racking up kills en masse is an experience of ever-decreasing thrills. Battlefield and Call of Duty occasionally hit this ideal middle spot, but there’s one large-scale WW2 FPS that does it better. Mixing all-out warfare with the squad-driven tactics of Company of Heroes, Hell Let Loose is now available to try for free.

Chaotic, loud, and often petrifying, Hell Let Loose is an FPS game that frankly deserves more attention. Battles take place over sprawling, realistic environments and charge you with capturing various control points and holding them against the enemy team. 100 players enter, and can take different roles including snipers, infantry soldiers, engineers, and even a commander, who’s offered a bird’s eye view of the battlefield and can issue orders to the rest of the team accordingly.

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There’s no going it alone – try to play as a one-person army and you’ll get nowhere. Instead, you need to move with your unit and center your ambitions on small patches of land. This isn’t about racking up mountains of kills and running through the lines with the enemy flag. In Hell Let Loose, you’re fighting over a single building.

Guns are incredibly lethal and will drop you, and your enemies, in a single shot. The margin for error is low, but if you lean into Hell Let Loose’s focus on tactics and teamwork, it becomes incredibly rewarding – every kill and every square foot of recaptured territory feels like an enormous victory. And now you can try the WW2 game for free.

The Hell Let Loose free weekend runs until Monday June 17, so you can download it and play for nothing for the next three days. After that, if you want to own it permanently, Hell Let Loose is on sale until Thursday June 27, with the price reduced by 40%, bringing it down to $29.99 / £29.99. If you want to get involved, just go here.

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