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Hellblade may be the new prettiest game ever

Dead End Thrills is a website that celebrates the talent of videogame artists by taking screenshots. The person behind it has just uploaded a bunch of screens from Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. And… gosh.

See how pretty the horizon looks in our list of upcoming PC games.

To see what begat that ‘gosh’, check out the gallery here.

Dead End Thrills is maintained by a former games industry artist and writer who promises that nothing in these images has been artificially enhanced through tools like Photoshop. The aim is simply to make games look their natural best. 

And we understand why they chose Hellblade for their latest project, because it’s looking stunning. I’d have liked to have seen more of the game by now, especially after a delay from its original release date of sometime last year, but it’s still scheduled to launch on August 8, so not long to go.

Here’s its Steam page, where pre-orders are priced at £24.99 ($29.99), which will also get you a digital comic.

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nu1mlock avatarClutchy avatarBreakLegosaurus avatar
nu1mlock Avatar
8 Months ago

Not that I'm complaining but... Why is it so cheap?

Clutchy Avatar
8 Months ago

Because it is going to be so short. 4-6 hrs. of game play and little replay value.

But, wow! It looks so pretty!

BreakLegosaurus Avatar
8 Months ago

And because it's not the "prettiest game ever".