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Left 4 Dead challenger Hellbreach Vegas sets 1.0 launch date

Inspired by Left 4 Dead and CoD Zombies, zombie game Hellbreach Vegas targets full launch in August after five months in early access.

If you're missing Left 4 Dead, Hellbreach Vegas sets Steam launch date for the co-op zombie FPS - A woman with blue eyes and large hair.

With both Valve itself and former staff members regularly debunking rumors of Left 4 Dead 3, it seems unlikely we’ll see Steam’s most iconic zombie game return any time soon. Fortunately, we’ve had other games such as Killing Floor 2, Back 4 Blood, and the ever-present Call of Duty Zombies to help keep us busy in the meantime, but now Hellbreach: Vegas is here to deliver a fresh batch of the undead to tackle in co-op FPS action.

First launched via Steam Early Access in March, Hellbreach: Vegas is a wave-based FPS zombie game that’s inspired by the likes of Left 4 Dead. Coming from solo developer Infinity Ape Studios, it perhaps bears closest resemblance to the good old days of classic CoD Zombies, which feels like a refreshing option if you’ve become exhausted by the overly involved evolution of Activision’s offering.

At launch, Hellbreach: Vegas offers five different game modes to explore, including the newly added Nightmare mode, designed “for those gunslingers ready for a true test of their skill.” You’ll have 18 different guns and three melee weapons to arm yourself with, complemented by a selection of 11 different perks to amplify your chosen playstyle.

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The lurid halls of Las Vegas make a great setting for plenty of neon-drenched chaos, and the low price of entry should mean it’s easier to grab three like-minded friends for some four-player co-op action. You can even take a moment between rounds to try your luck on the slot machines, if you like.

Hellbreach: Vegas launches out of early access Wednesday August 14 on Steam. Developer Infinity Ape says it intends to increase the price slightly for the full launch “to reward early adopters for their support.” For now, you can get it for $9.99 / £8.99.

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