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Helldivers 2 dev provides an update on the big spawn problem

Arrowhead will "monitor and evaluate" the ongoing Helldivers 2 spawning and patrol situation, as players continue to report issues.

Helldivers 2 Arrowhead spawns: a space soldier in armor throwing a grenade from their right hand

Arrowhead is aware of the Helldivers 2 spawn problems players have been reporting since the last big patch, but says the team needs more time to “monitor and evaluate” the situation. The team clarifies that it brought patrol spawns back to earlier levels with the last patch while making some “slight tweaks,” which may be the underlying issue.

Many players claim that the last massive Helldivers 2 update broke the co-op game‘s spawns. In response, Arrowhead says it is too early to go into full details on the problem, but adds that it wants to change how the overall enemy presence feels in the game.

“For those of you who are asking about patrols/enemy presence, this is an intricate one,” Helldivers 2 community manager Thomas ‘Twinbeard’ Petersson says in a Discord update. “Instead of me trying to get into the nitty gritty details, probably failing miserably, I think we should try to supply a proper explanation on how it works, what we’ve changed and how we want it to play in regards to enemy presence overall.”

Helldivers 2 Arrowhead spawns: a Discord message on an orange gradient background

“We’re getting some mixed results/feedback on this. We’re pretty sure why [it’s happening], but it’s too early and more time is needed to monitor and evaluate this. There may very well be more tweaks going forward. Keep providing your thoughts on how things work or don’t! Without it, it’s hard to improve.”

Twinbeard already made it clear that Arrowhead is aware of the claims of Helldivers 2 spawn problems since the last patch, but the team is still looking into where the claims are coming from and the potential cause.

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