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The Helldivers 2 Galactic War looks to be getting bigger and better

Helldivers 2 studio Arrowhead is hiring for a second game master, suggesting that the live service Galactic War is about to get better.

Helldivers 2 game master job: a soldier in a skull mask with a red beret, holding up a knife by the tip reading to throw it

Helldivers 2 is a live service game done right. Mysterious game master Joel is like the moon, controlling the tides as Automatons, Terminids, and major orders wash up at our feet and offer tough decisions. The story is constantly evolving, and impossible choices need to be made by all of us Helldivers for the good of the galaxy. Now, it looks like we’re getting another moon, as Arrowhead is hiring a new game master to work alongside Joel to overhaul the in-game Galactic War.

If you thought one puppet master pulling the strings behind the scenes was making the war tough enough, we’re getting another one. Arrowhead is currently recruiting for another game master job on Helldivers 2, which hopefully means the push and pull of our fight for democracy is getting bigger and better.

According to the job listing, the game master will “attempt to run an engaging and evolving campaign by reacting, anticipating, and challenging the players on a community-wide scale,” in the co-op game. The role also relies on meta-game design work, which “focuses on improving the evolving online multiplayer war game of Helldivers 2 – The Galactic War.”

With this job listing there have been questions about Joel’s role at Arrowhead, but community manager Thomas ‘Twinbeard’ Petersson has alleviated fears on Discord. “To paraphrase the late, great Mark Twain: ‘The rumors about Joel’s demise are greatly exaggerated.’”

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“The additional [game master] role is simply to help Arrowhead and Joel to improve even more on the Galactic War and map side,” Twinbeard adds. To me, this sounds like Arrowhead just wants to make the overall live service experience bigger and better in Helldivers 2 while supporting Joel – which can only be a good thing.

With The Illuminate potentially around the corner (or through a wormhole to be precise), the Galactic War is about to get a lot more hectic, so I understand Arrowhead wants to be prepared with this new job.

If you’re eagerly anticipating what’s going to come out of the Meridia black hole and want to be prepared, we’ve got all the best Helldivers 2 weapons and Helldivers 2 stratagems to pick through – we’re definitely not going to fight the Illuminate, alright, so stop asking.

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