Helldivers heads to Steam, is confusingly published by PlayStation


Helldivers makes me happy. It’s a top-down shooter that takes its heavy hoorahing inspiration from Starship Troopers, with tiny badass military men unloading on wave after wave of terrifying space creepy crawlies. Also, you can frequently kneecap your co-op partner with wayward friendly fire. It’s delightful. Even better, this former PS4 indie blaster is headed to PC next month. Get ready with that giant ant spray.

Helldivers demands sharp teamwork to succeed. If you’re in the mood for more cerebral action, check out the best strategy games on PC.

Confusingly, Arrowhead’s bug-hating adventure is being brought to Steam courtesy of PlayStation Mobile – Sony’s now defunct phone-friendly publishing arm. It’s like the dead have arisen… and are releasing sarcastic sci-fi shooters.

Regardless of the slightly bizarre publisher, Helldivers PC release is something to celebrate. After all, it wasn’t too long ago CEO Johan Pilested claimed the game would likely never see the light of day on PC thanks to his studio’s partnership with Sony.

Helldivers is actually the first Steam game ever to be published by PlayStation Mobile, and considering Sony closed the platform earlier this year, it could well be the last.

Anyway, you should totally get ready to save Super Earth from those intergalactic insects when the game launches in December. Aside from the main co-op campaign, Arrowhead is also bundling in the three free expansions which graced PS4; these include Masters of the Galaxy, Turning up the Heat and Democracy Strikes Back.

I’d honestly recommend Helldivers for its hilarious friendly fire alone. Stick that on the Steam listing.