Helldivers leaves PlayStation exclusivity, is on a collision course for a Steam release


PlayStation’s top-down, 1-4 player, co-op bug hunt is heading to Steam in December and will include all three free expansions: Masters of the Galaxy, Turning up the Heat and Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back. 

Will this list of the 20 best PC co-op games on PC need updating once Helldivers releases?

I spent some time with the PlayStation 4 version and it really is a lot of fun. The procedural campaign will take you and your friends onto the surface of hostile planets, searching for upgrades and engaging in frantic firefights with clusters of enemies.

The drama is elevated by the fact ammo is scarce and friendly fire is always on: throw down a turret, but make sure your teammates know to hit the dirt when you do; respawn by dropping in inside a landing pod, but try not to crush your pals; wait for the dropship, but try not to stand directly under it.


In Helldivers you are always thinking about whether to fire, never spraying bullets for the sake of it.

There are loads of ways you can fail spectacularly, and this ramps up the tension significantly. It also has the best swishy capes in gaming. There, I said it.

Helldivers is from the developers of Magicka, so that might give you an idea of what to expect. Watch the trailer below for a taste:

The PC version will contain a “wide range of graphic options”, as well as rebindable keys and added text chat.

As you might have noticed from the PlayStation logo at the end of the trailer,Helldivers will be the first game published on Steam by PlayStation Mobile, a publishing platform usually reserved for PlayStation games published on mobile devices. Perhaps this could signal the start of more smaller, PlayStation published titles heading across.

There is no launch date as yet, but Helldivers does have a Steam page, so keep an eye out for the announcement.