Every game procedural – No Man’s Sky developers Hello Games are publishing indies

Sean Murray and the Hello Games team

Hello Games are going to be publishing games. In a bid to help small developers who are developing games that use procedural generation, the No Man’s Sky developers will be funding some of the most promising. 

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“I know that procedural generation will be a small part of games in the future,” said Hello Games founder Sean Murray at GDC, via GamesBeat. “Loads of the talks at GDC – whether it’s [Horizon: Zero Dawn] or [Ghost Recon Wildlands] – that are talking about procedural generation components in their games are super cool.

“For us, it is a big part of our future. And making really unique, weird, engine decisions and allowing that to dictate a cascade of problems… And we want to continue going forward making new, impactful technology.”

Murray says he knows how difficult it is for a small studio to achieve ambitious goals, with the development of No Man’s Sky seeing their funds depleting as development drew on. Because of this, Murray is launching Hello Labs, a small games publishing platform.

Apparently it’s “super low-key” currently, and they only plan to start off with a couple of projects, one of which is in development now.

“The focus is going to be on procedural generation, experimental games, games research, that kind of thing,” said Murray. “We would love to help people avoid some of the pain that we went through ourselves. That’s something I’m really passionate about.”

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