Hello! Here’s a little word about the latest update to our site

Um, hi.


We deployed quite a big update to the site yesterday, and I thought it was probably wise to point out what’s changed, why, and ask for a bit of feedback.

The biggest change is speed – we know the site’s been chugging for a lot of you, and really wanted to fix it. We’re hoping that some of the changes we’ve made should dramatically improve the speed and responsiveness of the site, but it’s something we do need feedback for: if you’re still seeing issues on desktops, phones or tablets, please let us know.

The other big project is Steam: you can now log into the site via your Steam account, rather than creating an account in our database. If you already have an account, if you try and log in via Steam you’ll be given an option to merge the two accounts.

For the moment, logging in to PCGamesN via Steam doesn’t unlock any extra functionality, but it will in the near future. Again, it would be very useful to get feedback from real users about the login process we’ve built – it’s something we can quickly improve if it’s not quite right.

Lastly, there are some tweaks to the forum and comments: you can now sort comments via date alongside rating, and any new comments since the last time you viewed the site will be marked as such.

Our next job: there’s going to be some invisible work to our back end that should make launching new game channels much easier. Then, we start digging into the Steam API.