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Here’s Borderlands 2 running on maximum settings, with PhysX enabled


This new Borderlands 2 trailer is an impressive nVidia song and dance, praising the green-tinged side of the graphics processor fence by showing off all the nifty particle and physics effects enabled by GTX PhysX technology. Dirt whips around gravity-grenades and fabric swishes and tears at the seams realistically. It is rather lovely, but what is a particle, really, if not just a fancy dot with some physics on? And why can’t AMD do it? I bet they could, you know, if you’d only let them. The video is below.

Whack that into 1080p and full-screen it to get a rare glimpse into what it might be like to purchase a particular brand of graphics card, one in which entirely new pipes appear and blobs of green stuff properly sploosh about as they would in real life. Borderlands 2 is out September 21.