Heroes of Normandie is a WW2 board game on your PC, and it’s invading this September

Heroes of Normandie

Heroes of Normandie is a board game. Quite a good one too, if you believe awards are given to good things, since it won the Origins Award in the Best Historical Board Game category last June. But since you’re here for PC news, the thing of interest for you is that developer Cat Rabbit have turned it into a PC game. It’s got all the dice and cards, but none of the mandatory multiple-human-players-in-one-room.

With three single player campaigns, a multiplayer mode, a quick battle mode with lots of pre-designed maps and a difficult Rogue mode, Heroes of Normandie recreates the board game with all its intricacies. It’s full of over-the-top World War 2 characters and cartoonish-combat that comes quick and fast.

Heroes of Normandie releases September 22nd and will be available on Steam.