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Celebrate Valentine’s day in Heroes of the Storm with the Anub’arak love bug skin

heroes of the storm skins skin valentines day love bug Blizzard

I was once bitten by the love bug. It left me in ER with an erection for four hours. Drained the blood right from my head. To this day I still can’t pronounce the word oranges. That is why, frankly, I’m offended Blizzard would turn the love bug into an adorable skin for Anub’arak, the Heroes of the Storm champion.

Blizzard’s released the skin to celebrate Valentine’s day which, if you’d forgotten, is tomorrow, so you still have time to rush out and get your special someone. (You’ll need a van, chloroform, and a sack.)

You could celebrate it, as God intended, with cards, chocolate, and post-marital relations. Or go the route of Blizzard and Anub’arak’s special love bug skin:

You can pick up the skin from the Heroes of the Storm store. It’ll set you back $10 which seems a bit steep but can you really put a price on love? If you haven’t got Anub’arak yet then you can buy him and the skin the Love is in the Air bundle for $15.

Blizzard are saying it’s a limited time bundle so reach for it now or forever hold your peace.