Duck Hunt is now hidden inside Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm Duck Hunt

Heroes of the Storm is great, but perhaps there are times when you boot it up and you’re staring at the title screen, and you just don’t feel like duking it out across a bunch of fantastical battlefields. Maybe you just want to shoot some ducks. 

If you’re one of the millions of people who, at various points in their lives, just want to shoot digital versions of those annoying quacking birds, and you play Heroes of the Storm, then you’re in luck. Blizzard’s MOBA now has a Duck Hunt mini-game. 

This Duck Hunt knock-off is an Easter Egg hidden in the title screen, and was added with the latest patch. All you need to do, if you want to show a duck who is boss (you’re the boss, and you’re awesome), is click on those trees behind the game’s newest hero, Kharazim. Eventually, a duck will pop out from behind them, and you can shoot it. You’ve got limited ammo, though, and the duck can escape.

Remember, however, that this duck might have a family, and while for you this might be an amusing diversion, it’s serious business for the duck. Maybe you should just let it fly away and you can both get on with your lives. I mean, you don’t need to shoot the duck. This isn’t even a game about ducks.

Think about it.

Cheers, Eurogamer via Heroes Nexus.