Heroes of the Storm Founder’s Pack goes on sale, gives you three permanent hero unlocks and instant beta access

Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard have just announced the sale of a Heroes of the Storm “Founder’s Pack” for players in the Americas (and Australia and New Zealand) and Europe.

The Founder’s Pack will give you permanent access to Diablo, Raynor, and Tyrande, along with three bonus skins and a mount. But most importantly, it will also give you instant access to the Heroes of the Storm beta.

All this can be yours for the price of $40, and all of the various goodies will carry over into the full version of Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes of the Storm is definitely shaping up to be a fun, exciting, and most importantly an accessible MOBA. It’s already attracted some big-name eSports stars and Blizzard have been putting to good use all of their experience with Hearthstone.

It’s also putting a unique spin on the MOBA genre, with a greater variety of maps, and more dynamic elements within those maps. Blizzard are also pushing the boundaries of champion design as they try to break out of the template laid-down by the likes of Dota and League.

You can buy the Americas – AUS – NZ version of the Founder’s Pack here, and the European version here for €35.