Heroes of the Storm’s next hero is Fenix from StarCraft


Blizzard have announced the next hero for Heroes of the Storm, and it’s a familiar face.

StarCraft Is Life film will celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary. 

StarCraft’s legendary Protoss Fenix will be the next hero to enter the Heroes of the Storm arena as part of StarCraft’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

Here’s what he will look like:

Revered as being fearless, Fenix led his fellow warriors in countless battles against the enemies of the Protoss Empire. However he met his demise during the Great War, at the hands of the ruthless Zerg.

Not one to give up easily, Fenix’s ruined body was recovered, and placed into the robotic shell of a Dragoon. Dragoons are large, spider-like robots which are used to carry the bodies of gravely injured soldiers. Essentially making Fenix a walking tank.

Blizzard haven’t announced when Fenix will join Heroes of the Storm, but he will definitely be entering with a bang.