Heroes of the Storm patch increases free Hero rotation from 10 to 14 slots as Probius lands

Heroes of the Storm Probius talent guide builds

Probius, the new HotS hero who’s actually a probe, is now live in HotS, along with an entire manuscript’s worth of other changes. 

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Among the other changes, free Hero rotation is being expanded, so there will be 14 slots instead of ten from now on.

The first ten slots will be available for level one players, while each extra rotation slot will be unlocked at levels 5, 7, 12, and 15.

Blizzard say the change should “allow players to meet Unranked Draft mode’s 14 Hero minimum requirement more easily”.

You still need to reach level five to qualify for Ranked Play, however.

For some reason, the Hero rotation change is only noted in the US notes, with the change missing from the EU version. We have no idea what that means, though, as changes such as this are generally universal.

For everything else, check the officialHotS patch notes.