Meet Heroes of the Storm’s new heroes: Rexxar and Kharazim

Heroes of the Storm infernal shrines

Gamescom is big for Blizzard news, and Heroes of the Storm’s new map is one of the biggest packages. Infernal Shrines is a three-lane Battleground on which teams compete to call forth a massive Punisher demon that hunts down the opposing team’s Heroes. 

Three new heroes have been revealed. Rexxar, the Beastmaster can have Misha to fight alongside him, and has powers to buff her. His main abilities are an axe throw, a charge for Misha, a heal for Misha and himself, and a whistle for Misha. Misha can be boosted with a Bestial Wrath skill, or summon a stampede-like attack.

Kharazim, Diablo III’s monk fields a fast teleport to either enemies or friendlies, a 3-hit combo attack, and some healing abilities. You can learn more about him in the video below.