Heroes of the Storm sale begins November 24th, everything half-price, even that skin you really want


It’s sale season! That time of year where we pay slightly closer to what things are worth rather than the ludicrously inflated numbers that form the norm. Hooray for capitalism and the pursuit of material goods! Except not so material anymore, as between the Steam sale and Heroes of the Storm’s upcoming Black Friday two week cheapstravaganza, you’ll be rolling in non-existant goodies.

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From November 24th through December 8th, all heroes, mounts and skins will be half price on the official store. This drops most heroes down to under £5, and even legendary skins to about the same. Apparently absolutely nothing will be left off, so save your money until Monday if you were planning on picking anything up. It’s not detailed if gold prices will be similarly discounted, but they usually aren’t.

There will also be a new 360 day stimpack added to the store, though no price is listed as of yet. This seems like the introduction of a more standard ‘premium’ feature, a long-term increase of your experience and gold earned. You can see the details here.

I do wonder if the team is considering making the 50% discount permanent and using this as a test drive to see how it affects actual totals for money coming in. Heroes has always seemed a mite overpriced to me, particularly when compared to the relative cheapness of Hearthstone, though when I asked at Blizzcon the team didn’t have anything to announce on that front. Any of you Heroes players planning to pick something up, and how would you feel about it being a permanent price change?