Heroes of the Storm stimpacks let you buy experience boosts

heroes of the storm stimpacks free to play blizzard

Soon after Heroes of the Storm’s next technical alpha patch you’ll be able to buy stimpacks from the game store. The stims double your experience gain and more than double the amount of gold you accrue in matches.

“In the days following the arrival of our next Technical Alpha patch, you’ll be able to give your out-of-game progression a serious pick-me-up with the addition of Stimpacks,” Blizzard write in a blog post. “A Stimpack is a timed buff that will net you an additional 100% XP and 150% Gold for each match you complete while a Stimpack is active on your account.”

The stim tab will appear as soon as the alpha goes live though they won’t be available to purchase immediately.

Stims don’t give you an immediate XP boost, instead they buff the amount you gain after completing a match. Your XP gain will be doubled and your gold gain will be increased by 150%.

The stimpack doesn’t affect your hero in-game, instead the XP you earn goes towards you out-of-game hero and player level. There would have been outrage from players if you could buy an experience buff that could be used in matches.

The stims only boost the XP and gold rewards you receive from the game not any other rewards, like those you get from completing quests.

You’ll be able to buy stims in the store once they go live.