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Heroes of the Storm update includes Tracer’s pre-release

Heroes of the Storm update

Heroes of the Storm’s latest update is live now, bringing with it the usual suspects of balance changes, bug fixes and new things to buy in the shop. There’s also something special for folk who were seduced into pre-ordering the digital version of Overwatch: Origins Edition on Battle.net. 

It’s Tracer’s debut, you know the one, the one with the bum. Is it weird that Blizzard’s adding characters from unreleased games when there’s still a whole bunch of Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo heroes to choose from? It absolutely is, but her abilities sounds nifty so all is forgiven. 


  • Reload (D)
    • Your Basic Attacks can be fired while moving, and each shot costs ammo.
    • After attacking 10 times, you will automatically Reload your ammo over 0.75 seconds. You can activate Reload to manually replenish your ammo at any time.

Basic Abilities

  • Blink (Q)
    • Dash a short distance. Stores up to 3 charges. 6 second charge cooldown.
  • Melee (W)
    • Deal damage to an enemy at close range, prioritizing Heroes.
    • Generates 5% of your Pulse Bomb charge when striking an enemy, and 10% when striking an enemy Hero.
  • Recall (E)
    • Bound backward in time, returning to the position you were in 3 seconds ago, instantly reloading your ammo, and removing all negative status effects.

Heroic Abilities

  • Pulse Bomb (R)
    • Lob a short-range bomb that will adhere to the terrain or the first enemy it hits. The bomb explodes after 1.5 seconds, dealing heavy damage to an enemy caught at the center of the blast, and half-damage to enemies nearby.

If you aren’t getting her as a pre-order bonus for Overwatch, then you’ll need to wait until April 26. That’s when she’ll appear in the shop.

As well as the arrival of Tracer, there have been changes to matchmaking, the UI, new bundles and skins in the shop, battleground tweaks and bug fixes. Check out the full patch notes for more.