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Heroes of the Storm’s boney King Leoric gets his own spotlight

Heroes of the Storm Leoric

Leoric, one time fleshy king and then horrible skeleton, is the latest Blizzard “hero” to hitch a ride to the Nexus, where Heroes of the Storm’s combatants duke it out. He’s a Diablo hero, and if you’ve played Diablo III, you’ll have undoubtedly killed him, as he was the first boss. 

He seems a bit more competent in Heroes of the Storm, though. Check him out in action below.

Leoric is a warrior who, even if you kill him, will still be a thorn in your side, potentially resurrecting to harass you and your team even more. Pesky undead. Blizzard says that he’ll be especially useful on maps with objectives that require players to control areas. He can stick around for a while, even after a takedown.

Oh yeah, and he can summon a tomb to surround his enemies, straight out of lowest levels of the Cathedral in Diablo III.

Leoric’s the second Diablo hero in Eternal Conflict, the huge Diablo-themed event that’s been going on for a couple of weeks. He’ll be followed by Diablo III’s acrobatic Monk.