Heroes of the Storm’s dryad hero Lunara leaps and bounds and frolics across the battlefield


In the ever-expanding universe of Heroes of the Storm, there was a distinct lack of four-legged friends with overly active legs. I’m not talking about your dog that won’t stop running in circles for no apparent reason but dryads, most specifically Lunara, HotS’ newest hero.

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She’s a poison-spewing, fast-moving, long-range attack platform of a half-deer, half-woman. The spotlight vid shows her off in more detail:

I still really want these to not be so staged. There’s no hype seeing fights that so clearly aren’t from real games, even if they’ve gotten a little better at faking it. It isn’t easy to set this stuff up, but given 100s of playtests must have been played with the hero before popping them onto the live servers, some of that footage has to be usable, even if it isn’t all one inter-connected game like League of Legends used to do.

This may seem like a lot of effort to go to for hero videos, but I keep up with League champion reveals (and would play it if I had more time) because the videos are so interesting and delve into specific strategies, realistic game scenarios and weight the pros and cons of different areas.

As for Lunara herself, I’m glad to see the Heroes team continue to experiment and break rules with their designs, while exploiting tried and true elements like stacking poison damage and high-mobility. Taking away Lunara’s mount but just making her really fast is interesting, and something for the community to poke and prod at even if it isn’t in the right place just yet.

There hasn’t been an announcement of when she’ll be released yet, but it has been confirmed as before the end of the year. With Blizzard’s offices closing up for Christmas soon, that’s not a lot of time left. Expert her in downtime this week.