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Heroes of the Storm’s latest hero, the shapeshifting Greymane, now available


The MOBA character releases roll ever on during this, MOBA Wednesday. Heroes of the Storm gets a new character in the form of Warcraft’s Greymane, werewolf leader and pistol-wielder. He’s all about shape-shifting from ranged man-form to melee wolf-man and back again, dashing in and out of combat while doing more damage in melee but having no way to heal himself. The two distinct forms have multiple different abilities.

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Thankfully for my fingers and your eyes, Blizzard have produced an official trailer to show all this stuff off.

I’m not going to broken record on about their spotlight video procedure any longer, I think we all know it should be using actual game footage rather than these staged fights. As for Greymane himself, there’s a lot ofmaneuverabilityin there, but most of it is all about going in. He’s aggressive without any way to keep it up if he gets disabled or runs out of steam, and players unable to think before they act are going to have a bad time. Disengage or no, escaping isn’t his strong suit.

The patch to introduce him has also now been deployed in all regions, so he’s available along with a few other minor changes. There’s no balance update accompanying the release, but the pair of events that were running – Winter Veil and Cho’gath’s Buddy Brawl – have been disabled. This also means various bits and bobs have been moved round the shop, and there’s a single solitary bug fix for Skeleton King Leoric.