Let Dustin Browder tell you what’s so great about punching people with Heroes of the Storm’s Monk


Heroes of the Storm’s latest, uh, hero is Kharazim aka that bald Monk chap from Diablo 3. He’s making it to the Nexus –

Right, hold up, interlude. Your MOBA does not need a special name for its map, okay. THE RIFT. THE NEXUS. WHATEVER DOTA’S IS. It’s just “your map.” Heroes especially doesn’t need one, because it’s set on a lot of different maps with their own names.

– making it to the Nexus quite soon, having already been released on the PTR earlier this week. The final step on the path to main-server fun-times is a Hero Spotlight, which he’s now received. It’s narrated by none other than lead designer Dustin Browder, who’s managed to sneak stealthily into our header image.

The Monk looks cool, though he’s chilling out in that very weird HotS design space of half-healer, half-damage-dealer. I’ve found it’s usually best to build these guys as full heal and hope your team are capable of right-clicking accurately, particularly on my boring but powerful mainstay Malfurion. The talents system makes you so flexible it’s definitely possible to pick one solution to each different scenario, but at least lower down the ladder keeping my team-mates alive longer than theirs always seemed successful.

There’s much more on the horizon for HotS, with multiple announcements coming out of Gamescom. They’ll also be giving Diablo away free soon and have started offering “dynamic bundles” that reduce in cost if you own some of the parts. Lots to be excited about, including the potential of a story-based single-player mode.