Heroes of the Storm’s next hero will be from the Warcraft universe

Heroes of the Storm next hero

Update: The teaser has now been posted and it was a shot of the Dark Portal.

Not exactly a lot to go off, but a full reveal wasn’t expected today. What it does confirm is that Heroes of the Storm will get a new Warcraft hero soon, with some relation to the Dark Portal that brought Orcs to Azeroth.

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Here’s a clip of the reveal:

As you can see, the focus is clearly on a character with glowing green eyes coming out of the portal. The most well-known Orc of that era, Gul’dan, has already had a character – however Durotan, the hero of the Warcraft movie, has not. Several others from that film haven’t either.

It rules out Kel’Thuzad, a character who didn’t come about until much later in the game’s storyline, and who has been much requested by fans for many years. Blizzard do have a presence at San Diago Comic-Con this year, happening this week. Cosplayer Jessica Nigri teased an announcement tomorrow:

Sindragosa, an ice dragon also not in the storyline until much later, is another confusing factor. The SDCC announcement, of course, could be totally unrelated to Heroes. However, we should have more information before the end of the week.

Original story:As part of the Chinese HGC broadcast today, the newest Heroes of the Storm character is expected to have its first tease. It’s only been a week since Stukov released, but Blizzard already have more in the pipe.

Here’s the Twitch stream, which is just getting to the end of the middle games of the day:

The broadcaster, KendricSwissh, confirmed on Reddit that a teaser was coming up. We’ll update with who it is – or most likely to be – once it’s revealed.