Heroes of the Storm patch brings long-awaited Samuro nerf, but is it enough?

HoTS Samuro

A fresh round of Heroes of the Storm balance tweaks have hit the live version of the game, bringing changes to eight of the game’s roster.

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Chief among the changes are a series of nerfs to Samuro, the Orcish blademaster from WoW, who was tearing up pubs and professional matches at BlizzCon with wild abandon.

“While there are a lot of knobs for us to turn in order to help bring Samuro’s win rate more in line, we felt that his damage output (especially burst) was where we wanted to start first,” the developer’s notes sayd. “We are happy with his survivability options and feel his fantasy should cater towards being elusive.”

The nerf of his basic damage from 93 to 88 also extends cumulatively to his mirror images, reducing the total damage he can crank out in a short period.

Other heroes on the nerf train include Valla, Malfurion, ETC, and Zarya, while Kael’thas, Murky, and Muradin enjoy some slight buffs to their skills.

For the full list of all the nitty gritty details of each change, check the patch release notes here.

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