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Zeratul has been banned during Heroes of the Storm EU Qualifiers

Heroes of the Storm Zerathul

Blizzard had to ban Protoss character Zeratul from the EU Qualifiers of professional Heroes of the Storm tournament thanks to a newly discovered exploit. 

The video above demonstrates the exploit, which allows Zeratul to travel a much quicker speeds after using the Shadow Assault ability. Changing targets during Zeratul’s charge forward would cause him to walk much faster than normal.

The ban is only temporary though, and Zeratul is only having to sit out on the bench for the day of the EU Qualifiers event. Talking to Kotaku, Blizzard said: “We did identify an issue that allowed Zeratul to travel much farther than intended while using Shadow Assault, which will be hotfixed today. Due to this, Zeratul was only banned from today’s EU Qualifiers event, but will not be banned from other eSports tournaments.”

Thanks, VG247.