Rejoice: Heroes of the Storm technical alpha expands outside of North America

Heroes of the Storm international alpha

The Heroes of the Storm technical alpha has been restricted to North America since it launched in March, but Blizzard has now loosened its shackles, letting it spread across the globe, but only for a select few. 

The first wave of invitations has been sent out, inviting testers outside of North America to fiddle around with Blizzard’s all-star MOBA. Tim and Nick took a look at the Heroes of the Storm alpha back in March, calling it a “triumph” and a “complete blast”.

Both those who signed up and those who opted in on are being given the opportunity to get an early look at the game as it develops. Games servers in Europe, South East Asia and Australia have been put to work to ensure responsiveness, so hopefully you won’t lose any matches because of your latency.

Blizzard reminds testers that account wipes will occur as testing progresses. These will be scheduled, so they won’t come out of the blue, but your account will revert back to a brand new one. Any real money that you’ve spent on items and unlocks will be refunded in the form of credit.

If you’ve received an invite, good luck slaughtering your enemies.