Watch Blizzard walk you through Heroes of the Storm’s talent system

Heroes of the Storm Talents

Blizzard’s entry into the MOBA genre, Heroes of the Storm, has just opened up its gates to a wave of testers from outside the US. With the increase in population, Blizzard have released a helpful tutorial on their take on player progression: the talent system. Even if you’re not in the alpha test, it’s worth a watch to understand their clever philosophy.

Earlier this year me and Tim spent some time inside the Nexus, and we had a “complete blast” in our Heroes of the Storm preview.

Here’s the tutorial video:

The key thing to remember is that Heroes of the Storm has multiple maps and game modes, meaning each hero can build themselves differently to maximise their potential depending on the objective. There will never be one cookie cutter build that beats them all.

In other MOBAs players also have a currency (usually gold) as another form of progression. This leads to a period known as “farming” where little player interaction occurs because everyone is trying to get enough gold for their items. This is completely absent in Heroes of the Storm: your progression is solely tied to your level, meaning more action right from the word go.

If you’re playing the game or even MOBA veteran, what do you think of the talent system?