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High on Life players offered Twitch stream shoutout by Applebee’s

High on Life, the Rick and Morty-style space FPS game from Justin Roiland and Squanch Games, becomes a Twitch stream favourite of restaurant chain Applebee’s

High on Life players offered Twitch stream shoutout by Applebee’s. An orange alien talking gun from High on Life fires a purple energy ball at a fellow alien

High on Life players have been asked to share their Twitch stream links by stalwart restaurant chain Applebee’s, which makes a cameo in the Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty-esque FPS game, currently dominating Game Pass ahead of Minecraft, with Squanch Games’ shooter also proving a big hit on Steam.

During one High on Life mission, you sit down with neurotic, talking pistol Kenny – voiced by Roiland – as he tells you the story of his own dark past. The whole scene takes place in ‘Space Applebee’s,’ a clear homage to the eponymous chain of family restaurants. We’ve previously reported how High on Life Steam players are getting trapped in Applebee’s forever, owing to a frustrating bug. Now, however, the restaurant brand is embracing its FPS game fame, asking players to drop links to their own High on Life Twitch streams.

“Anyone streaming @highonlifegame today?” Applebee’s asks on its official Twitter. “Drop your Twitch.” The restaurant chain swiftly receives a reply from the Twitter account for Microsoft’s Game Pass, seeming starstruck that the would-be intergalactic diner has offered a shout. “OMG,” writes the Game Pass Twitter. “It’s Applebee’s from High on Life! I’m a huge fan.” “Right back at ya,” Applebee’s – which as of this writing is only available on Earth – says in reply.

There’s no word yet on any official tie-in, but an authentic Applebee’s–High on Life promotion might be an idea. 25% off for any customer with a talking, alien knife? Divorce attorneys called Phil eat for free? The nod to Twitch streamers comes as High on Life makes its own wholesome reference to videogame speedrunners. Truly the fourth wall is no more.

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