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How to get the High on Life secret ending

These are the steps you need to take to see the High on Life secret ending and get a semblance of closure after the game’s rather lacklustre finale

High on Life secret ending - an enemy with a single eye is levitating inside a bubble. Other enemies look on with panic as the player holds an orange gun with a face.

Did you know about the High on Life secret ending? Well, for one thing, it’s well hidden, so chances are you’re unaware of what you need to do to see it for yourself. However, it should be pretty apparent that something is amiss if you’ve been paying attention to the story. Rick and Morty fans who love deep-diving into the lore will be hunting for clues as to what’s next.

So as the credits roll, you’re likely looking through our how long is High on Life guide’s mission list, thinking, “is that it?”. Unfortunately, it’s all rather anticlimactic. As it turns out, there’s a tiny bit more left to play in the FPS game, but you need to go through a few hoops to get it.

High on Life secret ending - Douglas is an alien in a spacesuit with tentacles leaping towards the player holding a blue gun with a face. Enemy aliens are being electrocuted in the background.

How to unlock the High on Life secret ending

Sadly, none of the choices you’ve made along the way has any bearing on getting this ending. You don’t need to stab Gene with the knife or kill 5-Torg in cold blood. Heck, not even the pretty squabbles between your sister and Gene matter. All the game cares about is that you finish the game first.

Here is how to get the High on Life secret ending:

  • Complete the game and watch the credits.
  • Select the option in the main menu to continue the game.
  • Use the Bounty-5000 in your house and go to the planet selection menu.
  • Choose the ‘Clugg’s Office’ in Nova Sanctis, and steal the keycard from Clugg’s desk.
  • Head home and go to the planet selection menu again, picking the new ‘unknown sector’ option.
  • There is a spawn point called ‘Human Haven’, so head there.
  • Once inside the lobby, use your jetpack to fly up the platforms until you reach the balcony.
  • Look for a door with a red sign that says “No Trespassing” and use the keycard you picked up from Clugg’s Office to enter.

From this point on, you’re on the path towards the High on Life secret ending. You’ll go through a bunch of rooms before finding a familiar antagonist who infrequently appears in the game. While we wait to see what this all means, you should distract yourself and check out one of the best PC games of this year.