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New FPS Histera is a free Steam game with an ever-shifting battlefield

New multiplayer FPS game Histera is out now in early access as a free Steam game, featuring arenas that shift between various time periods.

New multiplayer FPS Histera is a free game out now with a constantly changing battlefield - A soldier in a blue demon mask.

As someone better suited to the fast-paced fights of Call of Duty, XDefiant, and The Finals rather than the careful tactics of Counter-Strike 2 and Escape From Tarkov, new multiplayer FPS game Histera is one I’ve been very curious to try. With a constantly changing battlefield that alters between various eras and environments, and a wide range of weapons and equipment to match, this promising new challenger has just arrived as a free Steam game, so don’t miss out.

The real hook of Histera is its ‘Glitch’ mechanic – a system that causes the very arenas you’re fighting in to shift and change throughout the course of a match. At certain points, entire segments of the arena will start to crackle with energy before glitching out, causing the entire environment to melt away into digital soup before reforming as an entirely new location – one that might be set in an altogether different time period.

That means you’ll be kept on your toes constantly in this FPS game – not only will you have to adapt to a constantly shifting map, but the moments where the arena glitches out could leave you easy prey if you’re caught unawares in the open void left behind. It also means that no two rounds should feel the same, which should also help newcomers stand their ground against more veteran players as the game develops.

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The different eras go beyond the map designs and extend to your loadouts. You’ll have access to all manner of options from javelins to anti-tank rifles, and from classic World War II weapons to prehistoric poison shotguns. There are even powerful pickups to pilfer, and with a mix of team deathmatch and objective-based modes, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Personally, as a big Splitgate fan who’s waiting on news of its successor, Histera has a similar energy to it, and that makes me excited to jump in and try it.

Histera is out now on Steam in early access. It’s a free game for all players. You can download it and start playing right now. Sticky Lock says it estimates the full release to arrive in approximately six to 12 months. This will include the introduction of new eras, additional game modes, new pickups, and more weapons and skins to unlock. It also emphasizes that the game will remain free-to-play with no pay-to-win and only cosmetic microtransactions.

Histera is a new Steam FPS out now - A multiplayer shooter with an arena changing as text on-screen reads, "Mid is glitching to World War 2."

“While we have a good grasp on what Histera should be and how it should work, there’s no better way to get feedback than letting the community put it all to the test,” it says. “Early Access is a perfect way for us, as developers, to connect with our players. We’d love to get your input on how to improve Histera from early development until full release (and beyond).”

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