Hitman 2 is 30% off in Humble’s WB Games sale

You might have missed Hitman 2 when it came out just over a month ago, since it came out the day before Fallout 76. While the latter game wound up getting much more attention (for all the wrong reasons, it turns out), Hitman 2 is another package of splendid murder sandbox action, and now it’s on a pretty steep sale over at Humble.

All editions of Hitman 2 are 30% off in Humble’s WB Games sale. That means you can get the base game for $41.99, the Silver Edition (which includes the ‘executive pack’ briefcase pistol and the first expansion) for $55.99, and the Gold Edition (which includes expansions 1 and 2, plus the executive pack) for $69.99.

As fans know, the Hitman games follow the adventures of Steve Hitman, a traveling merchant – sorry, no, they’re about a scary bald man called Agent 47 whose job is to kill people. The targets are usually bad, but never mind the backstory: the joy of the Hitman games is the way they give you the freedom to explore large, lavish environments and find your own favorite means of sneaking around and rubbing out some unsuspecting evil plutocrat using household items or carefully-engineered ‘accidents.’

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As a bonus, if you already own the first new Hitman, all those levels are included in Hitman 2, updated with some new mechanical tweaks and streamlining.

However, if premeditated murder isn’t your idea of fun, the WB Games sale has other options: the Premium Edition of Batman: Arkham Knight is $11.99 and the Definitive Edition of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is $17.99, both 70% off their list prices.

The sale also has deals on Mad Max, the rest of the Arkham series, and a wide selection of Lego tie-in games.

There are some excellent deals in there, and you can always buy these games as gifts – perfect if you’ve put your holiday shopping off until the last moment, like I have.

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