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Hitman 2 scores - our round-up of all the critics

Our score round-up whats the critics think about Hitman 2

Hitman 2 releases next week, which means it’s time to see what critics thought of Io Interactive’s stealthy assassin sequel. Does Agent 47 hit his mark? Let’s see what critics have to say.

In our own review, Ben was impressed by the level of detail within Hitman 2’s world, which presents a wealth of sneaking and stealthing potential. “Hitman 2 offers up a procession of spectacular locations,” he says. “I’m still finding routes and squirreled-away corners that I didn’t realise were there in both locations, and you can happily lose an hour or two just wandering around drinking it all in before getting started on any of that killing business.”

Hitman 2 also introduces a number of new stealth mechanics – one in particular allowing Agent 47 to hide within crowds of people. Ben continues: “It makes for more organic stealth play as you surreptitiously follow your mark without having to resort to contextual prompts. You can even buy yourself a little anonymity simply by turning your back on a character that might recognise you – a small change that really sells the subterfuge fantasy.”

Even though bring impressed with the wealth of stealthy potential in both the Miami and Santa Fortuna levels earlier this year, Ben felt that the main campaign story fell flat. “The result is a surface-level engagement on first pass as you blunder through the campaign,” Ben says. “It’s a scattershot consequence that doesn’t sit well with 47’s sharp precision, and even sharper dress sense.”

So do Hitman 2’s detailed sandbox levels balance out its underwhelming story? At the time of writing, Hitman 2 has an OpenCritic score of 82 and a Metacritic score of 80. You can check out Ben’s Hitman 2 review, and a selection of other review scores below. Unless otherwise stated, all reviews listed were conducted on PC.

Hitman 2 scores:

EGM: 8/10
GamesRadar+: 3.5/5
GamingBolt: 9/10
GameSpot: 8/10
IGN: 7.7/10 (PS4, Xbox and PC)
PC Gamer: 84 
PCGN: 8/10
USGamer: 4.5/5 (PS4)
VentureBeat: 91/100
Videogamer: 8/10

It’s a strong roundup, but Hitman 2 falls a smidge short of top scores – with many critics highlighting how its story mode falls short and that it resembles its predecessors too much. Regardless, scores of seven and eight are nothing to be sniffed at. Critics were impressed with Hitman 2’s overwhelming sandbox potential and stealth possibilities and were pleased with its new and improved mechanics like crowd blending and functional mirrors. Hitman 2 comes out November 13.