Hitman 2’s homing briefcase bug got fixed, but it’s coming back as an unlockable gadget

The bug so great it became a feature

Hitman 2 is a great game, but perhaps the greatest thing to come out of its release were the briefcase videos. You know the ones – where Agent 47 tosses a briefcase at an NPC, and the item somehow curves through the air like a slow-motion drone to knock out the character around any corner. Sadly, that was a bug that’s now mostly been fixed, but IO Interactive doesn’t want the fun to stop entirely.

The ICA Executive Briefcase MKII is an upcoming unlockable gadget that will replicate the behaviour of Hitman 2’s early briefcases.It’ll be available on August 8 as a reward for completing the Best Case Scenario Challenge Pack, which is free as long as you have access to the Sgail map.

“We took a long time to patch it because we liked it,” the developers say in an IO Monthly stream (1:12:35), “but we wanted to put that property in one particular briefcase rather than have all of them act weird. So we’re embracing the fun in a different way.”

August will also bring a selection of elusive targets, contracts, and game updates to keep you occupied with murder throughout the month. You can see the details on the official site.

IO Interactive has been talking about the future of series lately, including Hitman 3 – and if the return of the homing briefcase is any indication, the developers have exactly the right ideas about how to keep Hitman going.