Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Silent Assassin, Suit Only walkthrough

Achieve the Silent Assassin rank on the Carpathian Mountains level

Agent 47 aboard a moving train in Hitman 3's Carpathian Mountains mission

Want to know how to achieve the Silent Assassin rank on Hitman 3’s Carpathian Mountains level? The Silent Assassin difficulty is the ultimate test of skill in IO Interactive’s Hitman games. As Agent 47, you cannot wear a different outfit other than the suit you arrived in, and if you alert just one person, the entire mission ends. Fulfilling these requirements is a tricky task, but we’ve worked out a way to get the job done.

Agent 47’s last trip takes him back to Romania, the same country he was originally created. Our final target is the leader of Providence, Arthur Edwards. To turn the difficulty up a notch, the entire mission takes place on a heavily guarded moving train. This level is very linear compared to every other mission in Hitman 3, a call back to the original games in the series. Though the mission objective does say Providence members may be eliminated, bear in mind that this will affect your Silent Assassin rating.

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Choke out the first doctor you encounter and stash the body. Grab the doctor’s keycard and sneak past the two in the next room. In the final room the keypad code is 1979 – it’s on a nearby poster.

Grab the rusty crowbar and pry open the emergency exit door. Now ledge along to the next carriage and keep going until you hit ice – climb up top, run the end and drop down onto the open carriage.

Take out the guard, loot him, and stuff the body in the conveniently located crate (or run if you’re going for a fast run). Into the next carriage, hop over the clutter to find a valve located behind stacked barrels. Return to the central pillar in the carriage and place the valve. Turn it and then hop onto the roof – take care to avoid oncoming obstacles. Keep running across the roof and drop down onto the next open carriage.

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Keep on this rhythm until you’re in a carriage stuffed with guards. Head into the first vestibule and out the window on the left. Ledge along left and hop in through the next window, sneak up to just before the guards and out another left window. Keep going until you can hop back in at the other end of the carriage.

Now go through the door and hug the first wall before the patrolling guard. Wait for him to move away from you and then go to the first open compartment, wait for him to go back to his original position then go to the next compartment up. Hop out through the window, ledge along left, then back in through a final window. Cross the next open carriage and you’ll find yourself near a galley.

Make your way through until you spot a carriage with three soldiers. There’s a window on the right you can jump out of. Scale to the roof of the train and then drop down on the other side. There’s a guard by the window so wait for him to leave before moving past. Keep creeping along until you can climb to the roof of the train again.

On the roof, take care not to be caught out by the signals that can knock you off. You just need to move across the roof until you reach a point where you can’t progress further – there’s a rusty old nail you can pick up here. Hop down to a hanging position on the left of the train, drop to the ledge, and the head right and through a window – there’s a guard but somehow he won’t notice you. Once inside, head left again into the next carriage.

Use the rusty old nail to unlock the door to the bar. Vault behind the bar and continue. You can carefully sneak to the next carriage or use the windows on the right.

At the next carriage, you can either grab the bar of soap from the trolly and use it to distract the nearby guards, hop out of the window on the right and back into the compartment where the guard is sleeping. Dart from the compartment out right and then through the window on the left – it will look impossible but the two guards won’t notice you if you’re fast.

Edge left and then scale to the roof of the train again. Follow the roof and drop down.

Take the ladder, and seek a path across the train roof and side ledges – it’s pretty repetitive by now. You should easily find yourself at the other end of the armoury carriage.

The next open carriage is easy to navigate. Pick up the fuse, overload the lights, and use the dazzle to choke out the guard. Go into the next carriage and you can sneakily pick up a valve – backtrack and it opens up a carriage you had to climb over. Inside are grenades, guns, and a shortcut. Climb over the carriage with the valve from and drop down the other side. Now go back into the carriage, choke out the first guard from behind cover and lob a crowbar at the distant guard. Steal everything, especially the fuse.

Alternatively, grab the fuse and save it for later – you can use a distraction to handle the guard and just ignore clearing out the carriage with the valve in it.

Back out onto the heavily guarded carriage. Wait for the guard on the right to move away and then put the fuse in the fuse box – this blinds everyone for long enough for you to sprint the farthest guard, choke him out, drop in in a container, and scurry to the next carriage – you have to be fast to stand and run. Once inside wait for one guard to leave and then choke the nearby guard out – stash his body in the nearby crate. Steal everything – fuse, crowbars, and the claw hammer.

Same as before for this carriage – wait for an opportunity, place the fuse, and bolt to the next carriage. You won’t need to hide here as the guard won’t chase you over the APC.

This carriage is easy. Ignore the two people in the compartments and focus on the guard patrolling the corridor, when he moves away from you sneak up behind him, choke him out, and drag his body into the bathroom – you can hide it in the closet.

The next carriage is more of the same – open the vestibule door and throw something into a corner to attract the first enemy. Hide in the bathroom and make sure you manage the doors to take her down without anyone noticing. Hide the body in the bathroom. Stab the water cooler to make a leak and get a second guard over – claw hammer them and then quickly claw hammer the last guard. Carriage clear.

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There is a faster method but it will require a safety save and plenty of practice. Just crouch walk until you’re close to the second guard of the three and then throw something into the far corner of the carriage. If you get the guard positions right then the second guard won’t hear it and you can just sneak past all three.

Next carriage. Easy first claw hammer knock out, drag the victim back into the previous carriage. Return and puncture the water filter. Approach the divider with the two workers on the other side and lob the claw hammer to lure one to come investigate the leak – take them out once they’re out of sight. Grab the hammer and throw it at the other end to get the final worker to investigate – take them out, too.

Again, this can be sped up significantly, but you need to do it perfectly. If you hug any and all cover and move really fast you can just bypass all three without them noticing. Next carriage, detach the lever to leave you all alone with Edward.

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