Hitman 3’s new Chongqing level looks stunning in its new game engine

IO Interactive showed off its new Hitman 3 location and the new version of the Glacier engine that powers the game

Hitman freelance mode: Agent 47 stands in the rain at night on a neon-lit Chongqing street

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep Agent 47 from knocking off crooked arms dealers and ne’er-do-wells all over the globe. Developer IO Interactive has revealed one of the new locations coming when the Hitman 3 release date arrives in January: it’s a map set in Chongqing, a glittering city in southwest China that’s situated on the confluence of the Yangtzee and Jialing rivers. The reveal also provided a look at the new version of the Hitman series’ Glacier engine, and it’s looking sharp as ever this time around.

“Lighting and reflections are updated [in this version of Glacier], which is on full display here on the rainy, neon-lit streets of our new location, Chongqing,” community developer Clemens Koch explains in the video below. And indeed it is: the glowing neon of the street signs casts a thick haze through the rain in the scene, reflecting off the wet pavement for a very cyberpunky atmosphere for 47’s new hunting ground.

The trailer shows off droplets running down Agent 47’s bald dome and drenching his overcoat as he stalks the streets wearing his trademark menacing poker face. Hitman III will, we’re told, also support more than 300 active NPC AIs at the same time – which means Chongqing will be one of Hitman’s liveliest locations to date.

Here’s the clip:

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On well-equipped PCs and the new generation of consoles, Hitman III will support 4K resolutions in HDR and 60 fps – and you’ll see those improvements made to the locations from Hitman and Hitman II as well.

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