Hitman 3 Dubai Silent Assassin, Suit Only walkthrough

Here's how to get in and out, without being detected

Looking for a Hitman 3 Dubai Silent Assassin walkthrough? This challenge isn’t as straightforward as the Hitman 3 Dartmoor Silent Assassin achievement, and requires a few extra steps and a few more scuffles with the guards to walk away with another challenge ticked off your list.

This is where we start our journey in Hitman 3, at the opening ceremony of the tallest building in the world, and although there’s plenty of time to admire the view, it’s much more important that you remember to stash all the bodies away as you move through to your target.

Remember, you can only get this Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge if you wear Agent 47’s signature suit, as well as remain undetected and cause minimal ruckus as you move through to take Marcus and Carl out. So, that means patience when it comes to approaching guards and staff, while also using a bit of underhanded trickery and distraction techniques. Here’s how to complete the Dubai Silent Assassin challenge in Hitman 3.

Agent 47 looking through a crowded bar towards a staircase

Starting at the main lobby, head up the stairs and then left towards the bar. At the bar, look for a small staircase with blue drapes on the left. Head up, go right, and straight through the double doors at the end. Hug the wall on the right and wait for the guard to pass, then knock him out and hide him in the cupboard at the left end of the corridor.

This bit is super important but there is another chance to do this later on if you forget. Grab the guard’s gun and place it near the entrance where you came in – this is how you separate Marcus and his bodyguard.

Agent 47 looking at double doors

Near the cupboard there’s another double door – go through it and find a fusebox on your immediate right. You may need to wait for your target to leave the area first, so be careful.

Flick the switches on the fusebox and use it to knock two more people out – stash them in the nearby trunk. This helps clear out a very congested corridor where Marcus Stuyvesant passes through regularly.

Agent 47 stuffing an unconscious guard into a cupboard

Now you need to take out the last remaining guard in the hallway – I simply hurl a crowbar at his head. This leaves you with a pretty big problem as there’s nowhere else to stash the body. Fear not, there are a couple of trunks up the stairs he was guarding. However, there are also three crew members.

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Sneak up the stairs and you should spot the three crew members huddled around a lighting rig. To the left is a route up to a staff corridor, on the right is a gangway. Toss a coin or something down the right corridor, wait for one to follow, then take them down when they’re out of sight and stuff them in a nearby trunk.

Returning to the other two, use throwables to separate them, take them down, and hide their bodies, too. Go back to the guard in the corridor below and pop his unconscious body in whichever trunk still has a vacancy.

Agent 47 crouched down in a guard room

Now that’s all clear, it’s time to head up to the staff corridor. You can vault up to here from the crew area you just cleared. Straight ahead there’s a storage room with a worker inside – knock him out and stuff the body in a cupboard in the room.

Lure the nearby guard in by opening the door and throwing something – stuff him in the cupboard, too. If you’re meticulous you can leave the storage room and head left towards a small guard room. One is asleep and the other will turn his back on you. There’s plenty of room in the nearby closet for both of them. There’s a safe here that you can open with the code 6927, plus some other helpful items like keycards.

Agent 47 passing through a crowd at an art exhibition

Now, head back down to the area between the bar and the entrance to the art installation as Marcus will be stuck here until you hear his conversation. Listen in and wait for him to move down to the bar. Wait some more and he’ll go up the stairs with the blue drapes, right, and then check in at the guard station. That weapon placement trick we mentioned at the start? This is your second chance to place a distraction, so do it now.

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When Marcus leaves the guard room he’ll head through the double doors, report the gun, and then continue through the behind the scenes area of the art exhibition you already cleared out. His bodyguard will be far behind him, as he will be turning the weapon in at the guard room.

If you’re quick you can kill Marcus and stash his body in the closet where you hid the very first knock out of the run. The timing can be tricky on this though, so if you end up killing him just before he enters the exhibit then we’ve got that covered below, too.

Knock Marcus out, snap his neck, and then drag his body up the metal stairs to the area where you knocked out all of the crew. Keep dragging the body along the path on the right as you reach the top of the stairs. Eventually, this leads to a staircase that goes down.

You’ll need to handle this delicately as the two workers can spot the body as you drag it down the stairs. I decided to leave the body at the top and then use the fusebox at the bottom of the stairs to distract and take down one of the workers. As I still need one spot in the nearby trunk for the corpse of Marcus, the other worker needs to be distracted with throwables – throw something, drag the body a little further, and then stop to throw another distraction.

For the next target, head back up the stairs and over towards the upper hallway where you cleared out all of the guards.

Head left and just before the little nook at the end there’s a door on the left with a keycard access panel that leads up to the penthouse. You should have swiped a penthouse keycard from either the storage room or the guard post.

Agent 47 crouched behind a storage container in a pantry

Go up the stairs and follow the corridor until there’s a door on the left. This is the pantry and it should be easy to down the staff in here and stuff him into a chest freezer. Turn on the ice machine to draw in the chef and pop him in the chest freezer to keep his buddy warm.

Pick up the rat poison and head into the kitchen. You should be able to prepare the food, poison it, hasten the egg timer, and ring the bell without being spotted by the nearest guard. This will prompt the next target, Carl Ingram, to come collect his food.

Agent 47 standing over three bodies by a toilet

He and two bodyguards will go through the pantry and into the kitchen and dining area. As Ingram sits down to eat, one guard will return to the pantry – take him out and drag his body all the way back to the stairs that took you up to the penthouse.

Now Carl will be sick and the nearest bathroom is the one in the pantry. Wait in the corridor outside and use throwables to distract the guard outside of the toilet, then drown Carl in the toilet. Round up all three bodies in the bathroom and it’s time to escape.

The easiest and safest escape path is to head back to where you stashed Marcus. There’s one more worker to deal with here (unless you handled Marcus without having to drag his body this far), distract her with the fusebox and then hide her body in the other trunk, being careful to avoid the worker outside who will occasionally look towards the trunk.

With her gone, head outside and immediately right. Take cover and distract the last worker by throwing something near the camera, with his back turned you can wingsuit out of there.

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