IOI has “more people working” on Hitman 3 with “exciting plans” to come

There are "more people working on Hitman 3 than there was a few months ago," according to IOI.

Hitman 3 team is expanding.

Hitman 3 finally arrived back in January and put an end to the ‘World of Assassination’ trilogy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not getting regular content anymore – nor is IOI Interactive even close to winding up production on one of the best stealth games on PC, as the developer has “more people working on Hitman 3” than it had after launch.

Despite being out for eight months, IOI Interactive continues to release new content for Hitman 3. This DLC includes the new and improved Elusive Targets system, classic Hitman levels, and some truly terrible but very amusing skins for Agent 47 – the latter being part of the Seven Deadly Sins premium DLC pack, with act 6 ‘Envy’ coming this week.

In the latest IOI Insider stream (as recapped by AnthonyFuller on the Hitman forum), host and communications manager Travis Barbour was asked about the size of the current Hitman live team. While he couldn’t give the exact number, Travis did confirm that “there are more people working on Hitman 3 than there was a few months ago.”

They also couldn’t say anything about what would be happening after the Seven Deadly Sins DLC seasons had concluded, but Travis did say that the team has “exciting plans” for the future – adding on Twitter that “there’s a lot more to come next year” for Hitman 3.

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A further DLC roadmap is apparently going to hit alongside the Envy season on Tuesday, September 28, so we may know more then. As for the future, the only things the team would confirm were the final Seven Deadly Sins DLC ‘Wrath’ and that the Epic exclusivity deal would end in January – so presumably Hitman 3 will arrive on Steam shortly after then. Then there’s obviously the James Bond game the team is working on, so it seems IO Interactive’s fans have a lot to look forward to.