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Hitman 3 comes out in January 2021

IO Interactive revealed a first look at Hitman 3 today during Sony’s PlayStation 5 stream. It’s due out in January, and is the conclusion to the ‘World of Assassination’ trilogy that began with 2016’s Hitman.

The trailer opens with flashlights scanning across a darkened forest, which we learn are carried by three armed, bald agents – they’re dressed just like 47, but clearly aren’t him. They split up and pick up their pace, quickening to a run.

“It was always going to end like this, a hushed voice intones over the footage. “All your hard work, all your sacrifice, only sped up the process.” We see one of the agents has found himself alone, and he discovers the bodies of his squadmates, dead on the forest floor.

“And now, you find yourself alone,” says the voice, which is revealed to be yet another bald agent, this one standing in a darkened room, lit only by what appears to be an interrogation room. An origami dove is pinned to his lapel. “Only death awaits.”

Investigators have arrived at the bodies of the felled agents. Someone in a dark overcoat with a tall collar stands after checking one of the bodies for a pulse. It’s 47.

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Interspersed into the forest footage, you can see shots from inside a crowded nightclub, a well-dressed woman looking over the balcony at a rustic, sun-drenched rural landscape, and the top of a skyscraper stabbing through the cloud cover.

We’ve known since last year that IO Interactive was working on Hitman 3, and that the game caps off a trilogy of sorts within the Hitman franchise that eventually will include 20 maps. It’ll be interesting to see where the final game takes us – one of the locations, we’ve learned today, is Dubai.

It’ll be available on PC, and on both current and next-gen consoles.

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