Hitman 3 shortcuts guide

Here's where to find all the hidden shortcuts in Hitman 3 and take the load off of your next playthrough

Looking for all the Hitman 3 shortcuts? To achieve Shortcut Killer, you’ll need to unlock all 15 shortcuts across the six levels. Shortcuts include ladders, fire escapes, and doors, all locked from the other side. Once you’ve figured out how to access all the shortcuts, they’ll be available to you on your next playthrough.

If you’re just starting out in Hitman 3, then maybe shortcuts are the least of your problems, or you’re gunning for the Silent Assassin, Suit Only achievement. If so, check out our guides to the earlier missions, including the Hitman 3 Dubai Silent Assassin, Suit Only walkthrough, and our Hitman 3 Berlin Silent Assassin, Suit Only walkthrough.

To access most of these shortcuts, you’ll need a crowbar handy, fear not, we’ve listed each shortcut on every level and exactly where you’ll find them. Remember, once unlocked, every shortcut in Hitman 3 stays open to you in repeated playthroughs, so it’s worth taking the detour to unlock each one. Here are all the Hitman 3 shortcuts:


There are three Hitman 3 shortcuts to unlock in this level and they’re all located mostly around the penthouse. We suggest making a burner save and hitting all three shortcuts in one – grab a crowbar, a gun, and get to work.

The first shortcut can be found along a ledge behind the helipad. A crowbar can be found if you take a different ladder down from the helipad and search near some crates. Next up, there’s a shortcut right next to an exit point on the penthouse terrace, right next to the golf setup.

The final shortcut is located near the lower lounge of the penthouse, through a very well hidden door on the north side of the office. This opens up into a bunch of ventilation units and there’s a ladder at the back.


There are two shortcuts in Dartmoor. Both can be conveniently opened via our Dartmoor Silent Assassin, Suit Only walkthrough. You’ll need a crowbar to open them. You can grab that from a food delivery van on the right side of the mansion.

In the same area, climb up a pipe to reach the balcony and slip into the room on the right – Zachary’s room – knock out the dude on the balcony. Look to the right side of the balcony and you’ll spot the ladder shortcut.

The next one is above Carlisle’s office. You can access it by going upstairs and hanging off a ledge. Climb up to the open window and you’ll spot the second shortcut.


There are three shortcuts in Berlin and most of them link the club to the biker hangout area. Fortunately, you can grab a crowbar near the first one of these. It’s in a backroom near the main entrance of the club.

Walk past the coat check and you should spot a dark corridor with a bunch of crates around it and a yellow door at the end, which we’ll return to. When you reach the yellow door turn left up some stairs and you can sneakily grab a crowbar at the bottom of the closet ventilation unit. Head back downstairs and pop open the back entrance.

Go back upstairs for the second one. Turn right around the corner and scale up the wall to bypass the guard. Now, on the balcony with three guards, sneak past them all and head for the skylight on the left. Drop down and there’s a ladder you can open up. The third one is in a massive stairwell that connects the club to the biker area and drug packing area.


Climb up to the roof of the building next to the restaurant with all the flying drones. Make your way down a metal staircase into a small inner courtyard with three nearby guards and a dumpster. There’s a crowbar by the dumpster. Follow the lone guard, take him out, and around the corner there’s a shortcut to pry open.

The next shortcut is accessible as you’re escaping the underground facility. When you arrive at the guard station near the entrance there’s an open elevator shaft that you can traverse through that leads to this shortcut. The final Chongqing shortcut is on the first floor balcony of the recruitment centre.


These are three easy shortcuts that are all connected to Don Yates’ villa. The crowbar is on the north side of the tasting room, outside and tucked by a trunk.

The first shortcut can be found by working your way from the villa, down the windy paths on the north towards the tasting room. The second and third are in the basement of the villa. One in the east tunnel, another in the west tunnel.

Carpathian Mountains

The first of two shortcuts is relatively early on, just before one of the dining carts. There’s a window in the dining cart you need to hop out of, double back on yourself via the roof, and then drop off the ledge and in through a window.

The second is in a shipping container later on. A little further ahead there’s a cart with some armed guards in it and a valve, grab the valve and head back to the place where you can see this shortcut to open the door from one side. Head into the container to access the shortcut door itself.