Hitman GO’s VR version is a separate purchase exclusive to Oculus, coming May 11

Hitman GO VR

Were I to list out the games I’d thought about playing in VR, I doubt that boardgame-styled puzzle-strategy mobile-port Hitman GO would have made the top thousand. It’s stylised boards of stereotypical bodyguards, weapons and moving pieces don’t exactly strike me as something I’ll appreciate strapped to my eyeballs, but it’s happening all the same. On May 11, Oculus-owners will be able to drop $10 to be a little close to the action – but only them, as the VR version of the game won’t be coming to Steam/Vive, either paid or patched in.

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Destructoid’s got the scoop, direct from Square Enix, about Oculus exclusivity. They say that “a Square Enix spokesperson informed [us] this edition of the game will be exclusive to Oculus, and will not be coming to the Steam or PlayStation versions.”

As you can imagine, this sort of exclusivity is still proving unpopular with many. With a small and growing playerbase, it doesn’t seem like developers or publishers can really afford to do this sort of thing and still be profitable. However, it’s been a staple of gaming for a long time, so it’s not unexpected and Oculus will be providing benefits to those that do it. Outside the PC, it’s also coming to the Gear VR mobile platform, which is Oculus-powered.

It’s $8 on mobile, $10 on Rift, coming May 11 – are those of you with an Oculus going to pick it up? Those without, are you interested and annoyed about the exclusivity? Do you think this could create a rift in the community? Eh? We’ll be here all week, folks.