Mysterious image appears for Hitman’s next Elusive Target, due this weekend


If nothing else, Square Enix’s attempts to build an air of mystery around its run of Elusive contracts for Hitman is ensuring the community is kept busy. Or, at the very least, bamboozled as the latest doesn’t reveal the target’s name or face.

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The picture in question, laid out for you below, is an attempt to tease the latest Elusive Target contract, due to launch on August 26.

Hitman: Elusive Target

Just what it means, however, is anyone’s guess, with the title it was sent to us under – “[email protected]:3Lu51V£1T4|3Ge79“ – adding little in the way of info. It was also posted over on the official Twitter, which at least confirmed the usual rules of a one-time shot at the target over the 72 hour period.

Guessing is exactly what fans are already doing, with Reddit users speculating the image points the way to a mission where you’re required to take out a character from label mate Deus Ex. Considering we already had Gary Busey as an Elusive Target, well, anything is possible.

A translation of the code on the left hand side of the image returns “Line 241: AVOID THE SECURITY CAMERA OUTSIDE THE DOOR AT ALL COSTS!” This is leading to speculation that the target is a hacker using the cameras, meaning you have to avoid being filmed at any point during the hit. This would also fit with Deus Ex’s themes, strengthening that idea.

All will be revealed come August 26. Until then, I’m going to continually hit refresh on Reddit until one of those guys cracks the case. Or just cracks me up.