Hauntman Absolution: Agent 47 gets a new contract in a spooky haunted house

Hitman Absolution gets a new contract

Hitman: Absolution might have been the most disappointing of all of Agent 47’s murderous adventures, with a plodding story and a distressing amount of linearity for a series known for its love of experimentation, but there were a few missions that felt like someone involved still remembered what Hitman was all about. The early King of Chinatown hit was a lovely, open mission that encouraged exploration and trial and error, while another gave Agent 47 the run of a significant portion of a town to play in, filled with potential. 

The Contract mode fixed some of the game’s issues by allowing players to mark their own targets and mix it up a bit, choosing how they murder them and how they escape, and it looks like a brand new contract has been added to the list, which is a nice surprise. There are actually three new contracts, one for each platform, and us PC folk get to explore a spooky haunted house, which seems like the perfect location for a murder.

Late last year, IO revealed that over 9.5 million contracts had been played, with players accumulating $2.2 trillion in virtual cash, making “bald murderer” clearly one of the most lucrative career choices for those looking to get out of their mundane jobs.

The Hitman Facebook page promises that 2014 will be an exciting year, so perhaps we’ll see some more interesting contracts and possibly even the big reveal of the new Hitman game that’s currently in development.

Have any of you taken the haunted house for a spin? Let us know all about your horrible murders, you horrible people.

Cheers, NeoGAF and Shack News.