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Hitman’s tenth elusive target gives you a whole week to go after a pharmacy company CEO

Hitman elusive target 10

The chain of Hitman live content updates continues with the tength elusive target, this one titled The Pharmacist. Nila Torvik runs a seemingly-benign drugs company providing cheap support to sick people all over the world. However, they’re also doing mass human trials in the third world, so y’know, not the nicest CEO out there. As usual, you have to take her out.

Find out why Hitman’s elusive targets can’t ever see the light of day again.

There’s a bit of a change in the formula for this one, which will be available for the entirety of the next week, running until 1pm BST / 5am PDT September 23. Other than that, it’s the usual rules: you get one try, no reloads, and she won’t ever be back. She’s hanging out on the Paris map, the game’s first episode.

This being the tenth marks the first point at which the Blood Money suit will become available, giving you an extra outfit for ol’ 47. This is the last confirmed cosmetic reward for completely elusive targets, but it’s been said there will be more in the future.

More over on the official blog. The next full episode, Colorado’s military base, is out September 27 – just a couple of weeks away now.